Mark McKellop is a Los Angeles based editor and native who first took notice of the craft at the age of 14 watching his sister cut their high school's graduation DVD. Seeing her cut in music to enhance the visuals really stuck with him. A few months later when he got his own computer, he started cutting fan music videos with footage from Final Fantasy video games and The Fast And The Furious. Unsure of the path he wanted to take with editing, he realized it one year later when he saw the trailer to the film, Crash. At that moment, he knew he wanted to cut pieces like this and make viewers feel something the way he did in that moment.
Over the course of his career, he has worked on short and long form projects, including promos, trailers, commercials, TV documentaries and sports. He carries a positive attitude wherever he goes, refusing to panic. He believes his positive and calm approach provide the best route to solving the puzzles he encounters in the timeline and with his peers. Even with his calm demeanor, his brain is always operating faster than he can keep up with, but working in the timeline helps balance that pace by producing silly and goofy ideas that can get some laughs. Other times, creating more dramatic pieces that can connect on an emotional level.
In his free time, he enjoys meeting up with friends, eating, basketball, baseball, beautiful scenery, going to the movie theater, listening to Phantogram on repeat and playing video games from time to time (especially Halo and Tekken).